wild fermentation

Before canning, pickling and other vinegar based preserving came to be, fermentation was how people preserved fruits and vegetables and even made hot sauce. The process is naturally occurring and results in a healthy bacteria that is good for your gut called lactobacillus.

Lactobacillus is a good bacteria that naturally occurs when you combine fruits or vegetables (which contain natural sugars) and salt and then put these things in an anaerobic environment (so basically, no oxygen) and after you let it sit in this environment for a while, anywhere from a few days to even months, fermentation naturally occurs and you have delicious, fermented food!
Fermented foods are not only delicious but they are probiotic which can aid in digestive health and can also have anti inflammatory properties.

Poor Devil Pepper Co thinks fermentation in hot sauce is something really special that can't compare to vinegar based hot sauce. So here we are bringing you a new way to experience hot sauce.

One important thing to note with raw, fermented products is that they need to be refrigerated at all times. Occasionally when opening our hot sauce there can be a rare, but occasional overflow. This is completely natural due to some batch's fermentation length.  Don't be afraid to shake it before opening either!