is the sauce shelf stable?

NO! All of our sauces are raw, fermented and never pasteurized. They must stay refrigerated even before opening.

But.... i left my sauce out overnight, is it ok?

Yes! Fermented foods are forgiving. If you forgot to refrigerate overnight or even for a couple of days or if you're giving it as a gift and can't keep it cold the entire time, it's ok. The first side effect of non-refrigerated sauce is pressure build up in the bottle. You might notice a "pop" when you open it or more dramatically, an overflow. If the sauce is out for a long time and grows mold, you will see it on the top. At that point it's probably time to compost it!

Do you use distributors?

We do! We are currently distributed by Farms2Tables, Albert's Organics and Regional Access.

Are you organic?

Yes we are! All of our products are certified organic.

how spicy are your sauces?

All of our sauces are a medium to medium hot heat. Not only are they spicy, but they're also flavorful!

how long are they good for?

We give our sauce a year refrigeration shelf life but as long as you keep it cold, it will stay good but might lose a little flavor. We bet you'll love it so much you won't even have to worry about it!


Are your sauces vegan and gf?

YES! Our sauces are raw, vegan, gluten free and non GMO. The ingredients are all organic vegetables, spices and Celtic sea salt.


why fermented hot sauce?

Good bacteria naturally occurs during fermentation and has been known to improve digestion, boost immunity, promote healthy weight and boost your gut health. PLUS! We think it tastes better this way!


where are you located?

We are in Hudson, NY! All of our products are produced at the Whitethorne, LLC Fermentation facility.