Poor Devil Pepper Co

 That's us!

That's us!

The Poor Devil Pepper Co. was started in 2013 by Jared Schwartz when he had a big idea about flavorful lacto-fermented hot sauce. 

It all started as a spice experiment and a real test of patience with a 6-8 week fermenting period. The goal was to produce hot sauce that is packed with flavor and ingredients from local farms in the Hudson Valley. 

While Jared is working up new recipes in the kitchen, his partner and go to lady- Laura Webster is organizing orders, painting signs and getting the hot sauce into the hands of the people.

Poor Devil Pepper Co's mission is to create flavorful and spicy sauces while also providing a product that is full of local, organic goodness. 

Let us change what you think when you think hot sauce.


Sustainably Local & Organic

We source all ingredients from local, sustainable, organic growers. This ensures that we source the highest quality ingredients. Our farmer partners support ecosystem biodiversity through growing practices that minimize negative impact on the land. We get great peppers and spices and you get a product that tastes great and you can feel good about buying.

We source all of our vegetables from certified organic farms throughout the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires. Our spices are all certified organic and we only use unrefined Celtic sea salt.